Why do we get wrinkles?

One of the aging factors of the skin is the decrease in collagen production. Collagen is the fibrous protein that works as a supportive structure for the inner layer of the skin and is the scaffolding for the body. As we age, irregularities and gaps develop in the collagen mesh and this eventually leads to the formation of wrinkles.

How does the elastin work to help with my wrinkles?

Elastin which helps to keep the skin tight and flexible, giving it the ability to snap back into place, gradually depletes as we age. So, by doing the face exercises it wakes it up to work again quicker.

Why does my face look older and I look tired?

The skin turnover cycle slows down and the dead skin cells do not shed as quickly as before. An average, healthy skin turnover cycle is 28 days, but as we get older, turnover slows down to a cycle of 40-50 days. Past the age of 70, it takes a couple of months for our skin to create new skin cells. These dead skin layers accumulate and leave the skin dull and rough.

How often do I have to practice the Face Yoga before I see results?

Some just after one practice, while others after two weeks.

When should I practice Face Yoga?

Ideally twice a day: as you get up in the morning, it wakes up the muscles and makes you more aware of facial movements throughout the day. We have created a lot of bad habits: frowning and 11 lines. Practicing in the morning can help you break these unfavorable habits because you become more aware of them.

Practicing before bed helps reset the muscles and prepares you for a slower pace to have a restful sleep. You can also do these exercises during the day. They can be can be incorporated in your daily routine as your driving in the car, at a red light. I smile at the people looking at me! Include it in your yoga practice, while cooking, dishwashing or watching television.

Do I have to do all the poses every day?

No, you don’t. Practice the areas that you want to change about 5 mins a day. And every other day, don’t forget to touch the other areas of your face. Remember that muscles need to be toned, like your body. So, I encourage you to practice a variety of poses to get better results. You will form a habit and it will be part of your life.  You will feel the difference.

My family members have double chins. Its genetic. Can I still get results on my chin with Face Yoga?

Absolutely! Look at your family members and you will know what areas to focus on at the beginning. But don’t forget the other areas as well because you can prevent problems before they appear. However, Rome was not built in a day. Meaning you need to keep up the exercises to get results. Stay motived and remember you can do this! Just small changes can make a difference.