Increase Efficiency and wellness program at work.

Want to…

Increase the focus of your employees to get better results?

Help your employees to reduce tired, dried up or bloodshot eyes because of the use of computers?

Improve their posture from standing or sitting all day? Also, decreasing their pain management from their face, neck, shoulder, and upper back.

Help them to speak easier to help them in their presentations and maintain their beautiful smiles?

Face Yoga are yoga like poses that are done sitting on a chair.

By de-stressing the upper body and aligning the posture with the head, you feel better and you will be reenergized. The pelvis is the foundation of the body. And the pelvis also affects the posture which allows for a better alignment of the head.

Your employees keep a lot of tension in their face, jaw, neck and shoulders.
By releasing tension in these areas, the body feels lighter and opens to increasing efficiency.

Face Yoga are face resistance exercises, breathing and visualization of the specific muscles, you not only get the best results, you lower the stress level!

Which makes happier and less presenteeism employees.

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