Let’s chat one on one for 20mins for free on Skype/Zoom for your:


Find out 3 things we do everyday that causes our face to age.

ELIXIR Introductory Beauty Package:

½ hour of private session via Sykpe/Zoom
Video with the poses
PDF of the photos and explanations of the exercises.

JOUVANCE: Your complete 8 weeks facial beauty package

Every week you concentrate on 1 part of the face.

Every week is contingent upon completion of the previous week.

Package includes:
Week 1: Forehead(including the 11 lines).
Week 2: Eyes (including the Crow’s feet).
Week 3: Mouth (uplift for the mouth)
Week 4: Lips (smoker’s lines)
Week 5: Cheeks (fuller or slimmer cheeks)
Week 6: Nasolabial folds (smile lines)
Week 7: Neck and Jawline (double chin and sagging skin)
Week 8: Advanced Poses (including the famous: Mini Facelift)

4 hours of private session divided by ½ hours per week on the specific region of the face for the week via Skype/Zoom. (The private session is to be taken after 1 week of practicing the exercises.)

Video of the week concentrating on the specific region of the face. (The videos are distributed 1 week at a time.)

Pdf’s for the week’s exercises of the specific region of the face. (Including photos and explanations step by step, on the how to, of the exercises.)