What is Facial Yoga?

Face Yoga Passion is a unique and natural technique of facial exercises that will teach you how to create a younger and more radiant/glowing face.

Face Yoga Passion involves doing resistance exercises for the muscles to help build them up. Creating resistance in the target muscles causes blood flow to decrease and then when the resistance is released, blood flow increases and oxygen and nutrients flow into the muscles. Allowing the muscles to get stronger and more defined.

Visualizing will help you actually zero in and target those muscles. Visualization is also stimulation for your brain. By doing so, the muscles create a foundation for the skin which is the biggest organ in the body. Collagen production increases and evenly spreading in the skin to smooth out the wrinkles, fine lines and reduces scars. Relaxing the muscle afterward releases the tightness and tension from the face and body. Promoting better blood circulation which is an important aspect and benefit of Face Yoga.

Allowing to turn back the clock to a more JOYous you…

Marie-Reine Kabis

Marie-Reine Kabis

Do you know that most women seek to deal with their aging facial beauty through external means such as plastic surgery, Botox or artificial filler?

What I discovered is that there is another way. A natural way …

My mission is to teach women how to control their aging facial process in a natural way! And guess what? It is non-invasive and non-toxic.

When I discovered the FACE YOGA METHOD, it changed everything! Now, the direct outcome for me results in great physically and mentally. I wanted to bring forth this opportunity for other women. I also loved what it stood for:  empower women to gain more self-confidence and an overall sense of well-being.

After working 25 years in the corporate world and acquiring a Bachelor degree in Tourism Management, I had the opportunity to hold a job for an airline, the hotel industry and in advertising. Also, working as a trainer and as a sales representative has given me the opportunity to earn a living across Quebec, and Eastern Canada and in Paris.

I am gifted with two beautiful children and I always wanted to be involved in their lives. And so, for many years I volunteered in various parent committees.

On the other hand, my friends and family know how much I love yoga. I have been practicing Hatha yoga for 27 years, which has greatly enriched my life.

Throughout the years, I yearned to work with and for women. And that’s when I discovered that Face Yoga allows for a body and mind connection.  Being the 1st certified Face Yoga teacher in Quebec, Canada, it would be a privilege for me to guide you to a more radiant and sculpted face!

I just LOVE what I do! Seeing the changes in people and how they are transformed makes me sing deep down!

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